Membership Process & Levels

Classes of Membership

Active Members – Active members are those members who do not fit within any of the other types of membership as set out in the bylaws. Active members must own a certificate of membership, pay full dues, pay full initiation fees and are entitled to full voting privileges, the right to rent wet or floating harbor space, to rent dry storage space, to use the Club launching facilities, to use the Club boats, to use the pier, to use the Clubhouse and to hold elective office.

House Members – House members shall have the privileges of the use of the Club house, pool, and piers only and no other rights whatsoever. House members shall pay one-half initiation fee and are not required to own a certificate of membership. This class of membership is available to non-sailors or persons who would not ordinarily apply for the benefits of Active membership. This class of membership is limited to no more than 75% of the number of Active Members at the time the potential House Members apply for membership. 

Junior Active Members – Junior Active members shall have all the privileges of an Active member, except voting rights, holding an elective office, or the right to rent wet or floating harbor space without approval by the Board. Junior Active membership shall be open to those under 30. Junior Active members shall pay dues and initiation fees that are one-half the amount paid by active members, and are not required to own a certificate of membership. 

Junior Members – Junior members, whose parents are not members, may be male or female between the ages of 8 and 24. Junior members are not required to pay initiation fees or own a certificate of membership. They have the right to rent dry storage space, use the Club launching facilities, the piers, and have use of the Clubhouse. A child of any Life, Active, Junior Active, or Non-Resident member may be a Junior member without the payment of any dues until their 22nd birthday, or their 24th birthday if they continue to be a full-time student. However, Junior members, who do not pay Junior member dues, are limited in their privileges to those of their parents. No Junior member shall enjoy any privilege from which he or she is barred by law.

Life Members – Life members shall pay no dues nor be required to own a certificate of membership. Life members shall enjoy all of the privileges of Active members. Any member of the Mobile Yacht Club may be eligible for Life membership upon recommendation of the Board and the unanimous vote of the membership at an annual meeting. 

Other categories of membership include Non-resident Members, Military Members, and Honorary Members. 

Membership Application Guidelines/Checklist - If you are interested in joining the Mobile Yacht Club and know a current member (who may hold any class of membership) they can sign out a numbered new member application from the club business office for you to complete.  If you are new to the area and do not know any current members, I encourage you to visit the club on a Thursday evening, introduce yourself, express an interest in joining, and see if one of the members will help you apply for membership and serve as one of your sponsors.

The application form is straight forward; however, it MUST be signed by two ACTIVE or LIFE members.  A HOUSE member can assist you in completing the form but cannot serve as a sponsor.  After verifying the accuracy and completeness of the form you or the member assisting you will turn it back into the business office along with the appropriate application fee for posting on the club bulletin board and consideration by the MYC Board of Governors at their next meeting following the two-week posting period required by the club bylaws.  You will receive notification from the MYC Corresponding Secretary and business manager when you are accepted or if there is a problem with your application.  All approved members are subject to a one-year probationary period.

Applicants for HOUSE membership may find that they are placed on a waiting list following approval by the Board, since the total number of HOUSE members is fixed as a percentage of ACTIVE members by the bylaws.   The waiting list can only be cleared as new ACTIVE members join or current HOUSE members resign.

The following Application fees and Yearly dues apply for 2023:

                Application Fee - $500.00              Annual Dues – $960.00, ($80.00 billed monthly)
                Active members must also purchase a club bond (certificate of membership) during their probationary period.  

                Bonds are currently $750 when purchased through the business office on a monthly payment plan.  

                They may also be purchased from club members who resign in good standing, or current members who own multiple bonds.

                Application Fee - $250.00              Annual Dues – $1020.00, ($85.00 monthly)

                Application Fee - $166.00              Annual Dues – $960.00, ($80.00 monthly)

                Application Fee - $250.00              Annual Dues – $480.00, ($40.00 monthly)

                Application Fee - $0.00                   Annual Dues* – $120.00, ($10.00 monthly)
                * Junior Members whose parents are members do not owe dues but are limited in club
                  privileges to those of their parents.

                Application Fee - $0.00                   Annual Dues – $300.00, ($25.00 monthly)


If you have additional questions about the process to become a member you can  contact us at 251-471-3131.


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